Tasting space

Birrasana festival will offer a space through which you will be pairing and tasting sessions with the different participating craft beers with different quality products, as well as professional talks. A platform that will serve to present the different products that contain the GIRONA EXCELLENT agro-food seal, as well as proximity products and KM0 which will be combined with the artisan beer that best suits. The idea is to enjoy a unique experience in an incomparable setting.


Food Trucks

The Birrasana will offer a space where the food trucks will be available, which will offer different types of food (Mexican food, Argentine food, crepes, pizzas, hamburgers, vegetarian, gluten free…), which will include a space with high tables to be able to eat calmly and enjoy the moment.




Birrassana is a playful and family-friendly festival, which is why it will be reserved a zone where a children’s playground will be set up, closed and supervised by monitors that will allow children to enjoy a wonderful time while parents relax taking or tasting some beer. In addition, it will feature the traveling animation that will be performed by a comedian and clowns who will perform different activities to the youngest.


Live music

Through Birrasana, we continue to offer concerts and live music as the main entertainment and entertainment option. That’s why there will be ambient music throughout the day and at dusk live pop-rock concerts will start and they will be extended until approximately 1 AM.